Defibrillator Box Information

The human body is remarkable. It can perform a multitude of functions on an ongoing basis, many of which without our conscious thinking, until something goes wrong. Our wellbeing typically becomes the top priority after an incident, a medical condition or sickness, because we know we can’t take it for granted.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is one of the most severe conditions the body can undergo. While the factors most likely to result in an SCA are similar to a heart attack, including high cholesterol, obesity, and high blood pressure, Sudden Cardiac Arrest may affect people of all ages, more than half of whom have had no previous symptoms.Visit defibrillator box for more details.

SCA is usually caused by changes in the electrical system of the brain, which suddenly stops the capacity of the heart to pump blood efficiently around the body. Before stopping breathing, the victim will quickly lose their pulse, then consciousness. Unless a defibrillator is treated immediately, an SCA can not survive.

Defibrillators deliver an electrical current to the heart which induces a shock, which usually leads the heart back to its normal rhythm. To prevent death effectively, this shock must be delivered in minutes. Very few attempts at resuscitation succeed after the SCA’s 10 minutes. These few quick minutes are not long enough to get a patient to the hospital or call an ambulance, and defibrillators need to be placed in areas where they can quickly be accessed, such as public buildings and community volunteer homes.

Only trained medical professionals can use a manual defibrillator to deliver a shock to the chest. For greater awareness of the need for immediate action to save a SCA victim’s life, automatic or semi-automated external defibrillators have been designed to provide quick, clear instructions so that members of the public can use them.

Most people are anxious that such a vital piece of equipment could be used. As a result, instruction on how to use this lifesaving device will now be included in all first aid courses. As they learn how easy it is to use it, the trust of most people is increasing and with this knowledge their swift action could really save a life.

It is important to start CPR if you are present when someone has an SCA, so you help the person obtain oxygen and pump it around their body. To find the closest defibrillator, send someone else. Whether you’re in a shopping centre, on a bus, at work, or walking down the street, public building workers should be able to take you to the closest defibrillator spot. When opened, you will receive simple verbal instructions from the defibrillator on what to do.

The defibrillators Manual and Semi-Automatic are two safe systems ideal for public buildings. Both include advanced self-testing equipment, so every day they check their own batteries, pads and hardware. I even take on a daily basis a self-charge of the electronics. It results in low maintenance and reliability of the facilities.